I lived in California for many years and always found going to the aquarium so fascinating. And there was/is of course the artist known as Wyland. Yes, inspiration does come from fellow dreamers. 

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Sea Turtle Cove - I just love sea turtles. I suppose Wyland had something to do with my interest.

Definitely a Wyland inspired, no, Shamu inspired concept. Having live in California for so many years, I loved seeing the ocean and of course the art. But could never afford it. So I decided to "attempt" to paint some myself. And here ya go. Killer whales really should get a new name like "Tuxedo Swimmers".

Dolphin Night - Dolphins are the smartest fellows. I remember feeding them at Sea World. They would come to me, but not any others near me. Kind of weird. Maybe they knew I had the highest respect for them and would have freed them if I could. 

Secrets of the Ocean World - this is a 48"x48" large piece that came from an airbrush experiment gone bad. But as they say, when you get lemons, make a piece of fun art for the kids. :)

Diver Cat - originally asked AI to generate this so that I could create something different. It was a CATalyst for more ideas. 

The other Diver Cat. 

The Great Humpback Whale

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