I have no clue why people would think that I am a "cat herder"? ;) I have a herd, no, a "clouder" of 5 cats. They inspired me to get creative again during that wonderful time known as "the pandemic". It was a time of cycling, painting and swimming. My models performed for me so that I had plenty of crazy ideas. 

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Cameo (She's a diva calico)

Hamish - the hunter, but likes to play more than anything.

Geo Cat I - Inspired by existing art and just wanted to see if I could do it too.

Geo Cat II - My own concept after lots of coffee. ;)

Yes! It's Grumpy Cat!

My former long haired Tux; Gizmo

Really all of the cats on the planet.

Cameo (close-up) Attitude kitty.

Doodle Cat - Just an experiment for fun out of boredom.  

Self Reflection. Actually could apply to humans as well, if ya know what I mean?

Diver Cat - originally asked AI to generate this so that I could create something different. It was a CATalyst for more ideas. 

Innocent? Really?

This is my Beardsley. He was the runt of the litter and I just had to have him. He is unique and on Prozac. ;)

The other Diver Cat. 

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