There is just something special about up cycling things. Particularly if they are from the mid century era in shape, size and style. But in reality, so many things can be made to look like a fantastic piece of home functional art. Check it put. These are all unique one offs and come to life due to their unique characters.
This used to be a fireplace that just wasn't being used, ever! So I decided to cover (close) it up and put in an electric fireplace for more visual effect and only for slight heating in the winter months. It produces no smoke! It now has a large mantel and storage for two small beverage and wine cellars. Now I have a functional offset to the kitchen. I deigned the tile work and structure, and yes built this completely. Now just waiting to put in all new flooring. 
The process. The early stages of completion. A "boomerang" coffee table from a thrift store converted into a piece of art in color. Using shards of colorful stained glass leftovers to create an uplifting visual experience and of course worth having in the house. 
The finished coffee table in its new home. Looks frickin' awesome! This is the wonderful thing about art. One never really knows what it's gonna be in the end. Very fun!
I call this lamp "Cholla" as it is made of an actual Cholla Cactus skeleton wrapped with led lights. A true upcycle project for my home. Somethin unique and one of a kind. Low power usage and bright, yet rustic in feel. I found the barrel at a thrift store and gave it a "burn" with my map gas torch to age it a bit. Had to build the insides to hold the cholla in place. There is also a switch to alternate between the tip lights or the branch lights, or both. It's fun for sure and brings the desert into my home. 
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